Messages from Chairman

From last year, the global community has confronted one of the most severe crises in history. The occurrence of Corona virus or Covid-19 has created a negative impact in all aspects from public health, society and economy. The economic halt due to the lock down to control the pandemic is an unavoidable disruption for all businesses, and the new normal which is changing patterns of economic activities after the lock down due to the adjustment of people is also the ongoing challenge that all business sectors must adapt to react to the changing circumstance. All of these challenges are also KTIS group’s concern.

The estimation of Thailand’s total cane in this year is quite low due to the drought continuing from last year. In Brazil, the cane is chosen to be the raw material for sugar rather than ethanol due to the oil price being quite low. In India, the exporting sugar may become low, if the government does not provide the solid subsidy policy. In bio business, the demand for its products has significantly decreased due to Covid-19 pandemic and also decreased the sale revenue from the conventional market. However, there were also other business opportunities as some of bio business’s products could satisfy the new demand in Covid-19 pandemic situation. And, these products make the consumers have a great healthiness under the fragile public health situation and also make the consumers live with a new normal lifestyle without giving up the environmental friendly consumption.

Under such challenging global situation, KTIS group has done its best to overcome the hard situation and also adhere to the principle that prioritizes all stakeholders. Therefore, the success in KTIS group’s operation is the group’s profit in the time of crisis and is also the survival of all stakeholders which includes their readiness to grow after the crisis. Moreover, KTIS group also adheres to its corporate responsibility to society which prioritizes morality and good governance such as the distribution of food and necessary supply to those affected by Covid-19 or the sale of health necessary products with fair price in a pandemic situation that causes scarcity. KTIS group’s expression of responsibility to society in a time of crisis is a great pride to its board of directors that has taken a part in the social service through the drive of KTIS.

I would like to thank all stakeholders who still work with KTIS group in the time of hardship like last year. Once all chose to be KTIS’ stakeholders in the time of crisis, it reflected the trust in KTIS group which is priceless. KTIS group would like to humbly accept the trust from all and would like to promise that we will do our best to help all stakeholders overcome current hardship and thrive with KTIS group in future.