Messages from Chairman

In the passing year, the world economy still was in a fluctuation because of the conflict in international trade between economic superpower countries. The consequence of such conflict affected through the international community and unavoidably affected Thailand who is the important trade partner of such countries, while problem of energy price due to the conflict in the middle east region was also a significant factor of such fluctuation. Moreover, the care for environment from the global community began to take an important step in to business sector, such as the declaration of G20 summit at Osaka, Japan which urged that a paradigm shift is needed where the virtuous cycle of environment and growth is accelerated through innovations, and with business communities playing an important role, in synergy with the public sector. It emphasized that the business strategy of KTIS group which focuses on environment-friendly industries is conforming with the care of global community.

Thailand’s cane yield of this year is expected to moderately decline from the last year due to the drought as well as cane yield in other major sugar export countries like Brazil and India. The situation in bio business section is expected to remain steady due to the trade war. Meanwhile Thai government realized the importance of cane-based industries and issued the policy of bio-economic promotion. The consequence of the promotion will make sugar industry, cane-based industry and sugar cane a significant new economic drive of Thailand in the future.

KTIS group still believes in the policy of the benefit maximization to all stakeholders by the good management of the current businesses and the revenue generation from the new businesses using cane and by products from sugar industry, especially the environment friendly business which serves the dynamical changes of today consumers such as the business of utensils production from bagasse pulp, and serve the need of global community that requires business sector’s participation in the promotion of sustainability through innovation, the creation of novel goods and services.

I would like to thank to all stakeholders who have entrusted the board of directors to manage and monitor KTIS group to operate with good governance. I also would like to thank all executives and employees of KTIS group who have been working together with endeavor and have always been pursuing for the development.

I believe that this annual report shall reflect the effort, determination and capability of the executives, employees and cane farmers, and also explicitly reflect the benefit that the group has returned to stakeholders and society.