Messages from Chairman

Although there are tensions in the Korean Peninsula, Conflicts in the Middle East, the threat of terrorism in European countries, but the growth of the global economy trend to recover, perceiving from the figures of GDP, exports, inflation rates, consumer confidence in USA, EU countries. China and Japan which all increased steadily.

Thailand’s economy is likely to grow slowly. Seen from the increasing in export and import sector, higher tourism, the government and private investment grew up so that the GDP growth this year is expected to increase to 3.6 to 3.7%. Even though private consumption was slowing as income from agriculture was shrinking due to the low commodity prices, the business confidence index of entrepreneurs still increased, through good operating performance of almost all business sectors. The trade balance and the balance of payments were in strong position that makes the credibility of Thai Baht to investors from foreign countries and exchange rate appreciation against the USD. Meanwhile, the government announced that they will hold an election in November 2018, which is the driven force behind the increasing confidence on the politics of the country. Moreover, It also has pushed Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) into an international strategic plan under the Thailand 4.0 with the aims to level up these areas to be World Class Economic Zone. It is believed that this project will induce tremendous investments, employment and tourism to Thailand.

The structural change in cane and sugar system will have a significant impact on sugar and sugarcane industry in Thailand, particularly the abolition of Quota A will result in domestic free trade competition. KTIS group need to develop itself for the better product quality service and new product development since the country output is about 10 million tons, but domestic demand is only about 2.6 million tons so all the sugar mills have to keep the domestic market share seriously while the world sugar market price is likely to decline from the beginning of the year, so the sugar business have to develop their own strength to cope with future changes.

Business outlook for ethanol still has a good future. Although manufacturers have increased, the demand for ethanol in the country also increased in the same direction. The pulp business continues to perform satisfactorily, particularly the demand of pulp mold products increase rapidly. The power plant is expected to perform well consistently as each plant could supply enough fuel. Soil conditioning products business gains the popularity among cane farmers.

KTIS group has extensive experience in cane and sugar industry for more than decades in promoting, planting of sugar cane, producing sugar and developing to energy, pulp paper and more. Under the development in innovation and technology advancements lead KTIS group to continuous growth and sustainability. There are a lot of research projects on hand as well as many loyal and qualified personnel and lands for the future business opportunity and expansion with environment and society oriented vision.

I would like to thank our Shareholders, Directors, Executives, Employees, Partners, Government Agencies, Banks and Enterprises both domestic and foreign affairs who have consistently supported and believed that KTIS group will be the organization that create value and develop the prosperity of the nation.