Besides sugar as the company's major product, KTIS Group has now produced bio products, which are used by-products from sugar production as raw materials, such as paper pulp from bagasse, and, ethanol from molasses and electrical energy from biomass. Moreover, KTIS Group aims to continuously develop other related products and services in the future.

  • Sugar
  • Molasses
  • Pulp
  • Bio Fertilizer
  • Ethanol
  • Electricity
  • Agricultural
    Machinery Services


Sugar products of KTIS Group are made from high quality sugarcane with organic cultivation through a clean


Molasses products or sugar residues are by-products from the sugar simmering process. The resulting molasses is a condensed and sticky liquid dark in color and sweet in taste


Paper pulp products from Environment Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. are KTIS Group's paper pulp made from raw materials of 100% bagasse, which can replace tree cutting of 33 million tons each year.

Bio Fertilizer

Bio fertilizer manufacturing process of KTIS Group applies the concept of recycling by-products for maximum efficiency with minimum waste.


Ethanol products of KTIS Group use molasses as a raw material. They can be categorized into 2 types: Industrial Alcoholand Fuel Alcohol.


Currently, energy is considered as an essential factor to production and consumption in Thailand. Realizing the importance of energy, KTIS Group has established a biomass power plant with a capacity of 60 MW

Agricultural Machinery Services

KTIS Group emphasizes on and promotes utilization of agricultural machinery and equipment because they can help farmers increase their sugarcane production and improve quality of the sugarcane.