Ethanol products of KTIS Group use molasses as a raw material. They can be categorized into 2 types: Industrial Alcoholand Fuel Alcohol.

Industrial Alcohol

Industrial alcohol is 95.5%-purity ethanol that can be used as a raw material in various industries, such as in the manufacturing process of chemical substances.

Fuel Alcohol

Fuel alcohol is 99.5%-purity ethanol resulting from extracting water from 95.5%-purity ethanol. It is mostly used as an alternative fuel to replace gasoline. For example, mixing ethanol with gasoline using the ratio of 10 to 90 percent, respectively, results in a product called "gasohol".

Mixing ethanol with gasoline not only saves money in gasoline purchase for the country, but using ethanol also makes the car engine cleaner because it can yield complete combustion and less air pollution than regular gasoline usage.