The capacity of the Company’s sugar factories is approximately 88,000 tons of cane per day. The Company produces and sales sugar to domestic and international customers. The products can be categorized into 3 types: refined sugar, white sugar, and raw sugar.

Raw Sugar

Raw sugar crystals are dark brown in color and the color index of raw sugar ranges from 1,001 - 3,800 ICUMSA . This type of sugar must be purified and processed into white sugar or refined sugar and cannot be consumed directly.

The Company specially produce J-spec raw sugar according to the Japanese regulatory standards, for export to Japan and acquires high J-spec raw market share.

White Sugar

White sugar is raw sugar that has been purified to remove impurities in sugar crystals. Its color is lighter than raw sugar, either light brown or white, and ranges from 46 - 1,000 ICUMSA. This type of product is typically used in soft drinks and convenience food businesses as well as household consumption.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is raw sugar that, similarly to white sugar, has been processed to remove impurities in sugar crystal. Refined sugar has a higher level of purity that white sugar and is crystal white in color with the color index of 0 - 45 ICUMSA. This type of product is suitable for industries which required sugar with high purity index such as pharmaceutical industry and beverage and energy drinks industry.

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